The Office Bar offers a large selection of delicious dishes every day of the week from 11 AM (Monday and Tuesday) and 10 AM (Wednesday to Sunday). Come for breakfast, lunch or dinner, but you don't have to leave when the kitchen closes, the parties can go on for longer...

Whether it's burgers, curries or pies you are craving, you will surely find your dish here, courtesy of our supplier, Big Joe's Homemade Food from Samui.

Starving? Order our Office Burger - twice the meat than your normal burger. And you can also take part in the Office Burger competition - see if you can wolf it down faster than the rest!

Ravenous? Well, then go for our Harley Burger, double the mighty Office Burger.

The Office Burger
The Office Burger - HELL YEAH!

Want to try something new? Then go for our delicious bacon sandwich, the finger-licking sausage sandwich or the perrenial favourite - hot dog.