Books for Prisoners

Books for Inmates

The Office Bar is collecting books for the inmates in the "Big Tiger" prison in Phuket and Cambodia. If you have any books to give away, please bring them to the Office Bar by July 10th.

The books will be delivered to the prisoners by the Danish Embassy to Thailand.


Drink 20 within 3 min and get free beer for the rest of the night.

Gifts for blind children's home

The Office Bar and Cruiser Bike Parts light up the Home for Blind Children

The Office Bar, helped by an extremely generous donation from the Manilla-based Cruiser Bike Parts (also owned by a member of the Outsiders MC) is very proud to have yet again delivered essential products for the Hat Yai Dhammasakol School for the Blind.

We would also like to thank everybody who donated their pre-loved items to these children.

For photos of the giveaway with the tireless Jit in control, click here.


Drink 10 within 1 min and get free beer for the rest of the night.

The Office Bar - where mates meet for good sports and cold drinks

Ready for a Game of Darts?

Nothing interesting on the telly? Feeling like you want to stretch your arms a bit? How about a game of darts?

You can either join a competition or practice by yourself. Every day. And you don't have to bring your own darts, we have you covered.

Heineken, ciders, vodka shooters and Erdinger

We are extremely happy to offer one of the world's most popular beers, Heineken, as well as ciders, red wine as well as a variety of non-alcoholic beverages. And if you want something to tickle your throat, there's a selection of 50 B Absolut vodka shooters - all day, every day. Need a chaser? No problem, we've got you covered with Erdinger.

Beer, wine, cider, whiskey and soft drinks

Quench your thirst with our alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including imported beers, wine, spirits and cider.

Burgers, Indian specialties, pies and pastries

Our extensive menu includes all of your favourite pub grub, including tasty burgers, delicious pies, Indian curries and sausages.

Watch your favourite football games

Watch your favourite sports in brilliant clarity on our two wide screen flat TVs and a projector and with outstanding sound, coming from the HTX sound system.

Browse the internet for free

Check your emails and browse the web for free. And if your computer starts running out of juice, just ask for a plug.